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This coil processing line was purchased at an auction. Due to its age, no information was available on it. We removed the electronics,  then developed and installed a new PLC (programmable logic controller). We leveled and installed the machine, installed all new sensors, and tested the unit for function.  This machine shears aluminum sheets to within ten thousandths of an inch. 

This custom bender was built to bend aluminum tube that would be used to make Pontoon handrails. It can handle 14 tubes measuring 1" x 1", all at once, and bend them. With its 5" hydraulic cylinder, this machine makes shot work of bending aluminum tubes. 

Custom aluminum tool box 54" long x 24" wide x 36" high. This tool box also includes gas shocks on the lid.

These custom gear racks where made for the Ithaca Fire Department. The openness assists in drying of the gear.  Laser cut stainless steel name plates for each firefighter complete these racks.

This electric-powered soybean roaster is completely automatic. It is a customers family design that was brought to us to manufacture. These are sold all over the world.

We have had some fun making custom parts for this customer to attach to their John Deere tractor. We created a front bumper/grill to house front headlights and a top light bar. With a slim profile, it does not get in the way of the bucket. The customer added a rubber pad for "just in case" moments. The customer also requested a cup/cooler holder to fit his favorite drink container. We created it to fit like a glove and not impose on the spout. We also created a custom backhoe cart so they could detach and move it easily in the storage area. In the end, we created two bumper/grills. One of them is for working that includes the lights, and the other was for decorative purposes.  And a top light bar installed on both.

This machine was brought to us unable to be used. We reworked the gears and the drive, remade the paddles, made the frame stronger, and installed the unit back on the underbelly of a tractor. 


This beast of a bucket is made out of 1/4" plate for the bottom and back. The sides are made out of 3/16" plate. The reinforcements on this entire bucket is made out of 1/2" plate.

This relic was brought to us for restoration. We managed to unfreeze all the moving parts and replaced each metal part that had been rusted beyond repair. The customer then took it to be re-painted. 

2005 John Deere 3320

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We produced this custom welding machine that welds the seam on Pontoon boat tubes, for 15% of the estimated price from a tool and die manufacture.  Included is a  linear rail, VFD drive, pneumatic clamping, and a digital Lincoln welder.