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This design was replicated from a photo brought in by the homeowner. We designed a 3D model sample from the photos, and let the homeowner approve it before we produced the handrail. 


This is what we call an "Old School" pipe handrail design. A modern look with smooth flowing bends. A simple but sturdy handrail that can go in front of many houses and businesses. 

66 foot Aluminum round tube handrail. Fabricated and installed at the Alma Public Library. 

This handrail was built for a local business to comply with safety reguations. 

This set of Aluminum handrails were designed to deter skaters. This helps maintain the handrails for a longer life. These where pocket drilled and cemented into the steps, by Terry with Lott Construction. 

Antique wrought iron rail, fabricated using customer supplied photos & measurements. Installed outside a 130 year old Victorian style Bay City Home.

All Stainless Steel round rails give the home a simple modern look. All of the welds where removed and polished. 

These second story balconies serve as a convenient walk out balcony and as a fire escape using a drop ladder. We designed and fabricated these using 6" pipe and channel iron, they are built to last. We also assisted with the install. 

To keep cost down, we can design a very simple handrail. These are designed with the focus on simple, affordable, and safe. 

Iron fence built around an in-ground hot tub. We performed on site measurements to ensure each panel fit between the existing cement columns. We also installed this upon completion. 

The Mt. Pleasant housing commission needed a simple guardrail to keep people on the sidewalks. They also needed a way to keep cars in the parking lot. These simple pipe railings fulfilled their needs.

This set is installed in a local church, and consists of oak capped wrought iron rails. These magnificent rails are coated with a two color powder coat called copper vein.

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