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An Ithaca resident decided to turn his 3/4 ton van into a camper. After removing the rear of the van himself, he decided he could use some help. We finished chopping the can down, then built an all aluminum camper. We extended the frame, built a custom rear bumper, and topped it off with a rubber roof with aluminum trim.


This custom aluminum tool box fit the need of the customer to a T. The customer needed a little tool box on his trailer to put his tools in so that anyone could haul and have the necessary tools . We customized this tool box to fit in the perfect spot, without taking away from the trailer bed.  

When a veteran approached us saying his hip problems were keeping him from riding, we designed this Trike kit. We modeled it after others available online. Our cost to manufacture this kit was half the cost of one available online. 

This customer wanted a Reese hitch installed on a semi truck. We removed the rear bumper cover, installed the hitch, then built a new bumper cover with recessed lights from aluminum tread plate.

Need a custom trailer specifically for your tools? We can do that for you! Every tool has a pocket designed exactly to its size for worry free transportation.